Maybe this is already a known thing, but I couldn't find anything, so I guess I'll just post it here.

There seems to be a funny bug with playing battlegrounds as merc - my friend got the achievement "Double Jeopardy" (Win Twin Peaks after being behind by a score of 0:2) by accident earlier today. I tried to reproduce it, since I didn't have the achievement yet - and it worked!
Normally, the achievement expects the player to be behind by 0:2 flags and manage to win the battleground in the end by getting a 3:2 (or 2:2 score, which would win the battleground as well). This is quite difficult to achieve when doing random battlegrounds... I never had much hope of completing it.

But, what I did today was:
  • Get the mercenary buff for battlegrounds
  • -Join Twin Peaks battleground (my friend did it before when playing random bg, I joined Twin Peaks specifically - so it doesn't matter which way you join)
  • I am alliance and joined the horde side as merc. I cannot say if it works the other way around, but I suspect it does.
  • Win Twin Peaks with a score 2:0 or higher. No being behind first necessary! Be happy. 

It seems to work for a 3:0 win as well (thanks @Sickeningsix!)
I got lucky in my very first try to reproduce this, carried the flag home and defended it personally 2 times (being rogue and full-geared helped). I grabbed the 3rd flag as well and defended it until the time ran out, but never turned it in. Might be it wouldn't have worked when someone else would've grabbed it and turned it in, so i wanted to make sure the 3rd flag stays with me...
When the battleground ended, both factions had stolen the other's flag and carried it. No idea if it matters (but I do not think so).

I imagine that the achievement popped because there's 2 prerequisites for this it fails to recognize correctly. One being the "enemy faction" gettting a 2:0 lead in the battleground and the second being to win the battleground. The achievement fails at recogizing that the enemy faction in my case was NOT the horde.

There are 2 versions of this achievement, one for horde and one for alliance. So it might be that this only works for alliance players. Everyone, feel free to experiment!
If you want to try it out, please let me know what you found - does it work as horde player in alliance bg, does it work with other winning scores as well? I got my achievement now but I would very much like to know. 

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