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1-90 Elixir of Rapid Mind Boosting Guide: 5-7 hours 1-90

To use this guide you need at least 5 x Elixir of the Rapid Mind (EoTRM), a level 100 to run the dungeons on who should have a passenger flying mount, and preferably a level 1 toon with full heirlooms.

The Basics

The idea behind this method is to utilize your EoTRM to its max potential by being logged in on the lowbie and gaining the most amount of exp in the shortest amount of time possible. You will get most of your exp from the Dungeon Completion Bonus, but can supplement that exp from mob kills when applicable/worth your time.

  • To do this, you will go to the dungeon with both the leveler and the lowbie and enter it.
  • You will then use the EoTRM and log off of the lowbie.
  • Pull as many mobs/bosses as possible to the last boss of the dungeon and then run around a corner to LoS all of them into one spot.
  • Log into the lowbie
  • Kill all of the mobs
  • Exit the dungeon with both characters, reset the dungeon, and then re-enter the dungeon with both characters.
  • Log off of the lowbie & repeat the process.

Mob Kill EXP Disclaimer: In some of the dungeons the mob-kill experience won't be gained unless the lowbie is within normal exp range. In some of the dungeons you will gain mob-kill exp from anywhere in the dungeon. I will try to notate which dungeons must have mobs drawn close to gain exp, otherwise assume that you will gain mob-kill exp no matter where the leveler is located/killing mobs.

The Dungeons

Leveling 1-15 can be done in about 15 minutes if you use an elixir and have heirlooms. Your leveler can fly you out of Northshire Abby to any densely populated area with level 5-6 mobs, like either of the mines in elwynn forest, get to level 6+ by spam-killing mobs (disband group first) then fly to Hogger and kill those mobs until level 10+, then fly to westfall and roam the beaches until level 15. I'm researching a few different methods to get to level 15+ right now though, and currently have a faster method that I may add to the guide later. Either way 1-15 can be done in 15 minutes using an elixir though as long as you have someone to fly you around it's relatively easy.

  • Stockades 15-23: The most awesome images on the Internet[/url]) : Mob EXP anywhere. Pull bosses and mobs to end.
  • Scarlet Monastery 23-33: Mob EXP anywhere. Kill all bosses, don't try to kite them, they may reset.
  • Scholo 33-37: Mob EXP anywhere. Pull mobs, but kill bosses on way to end.
  • Stratholme 37-45: Mob EXP anywhere. Pull all mobs and bosses to end, skip Willey Hopebreaker.
  • Sunken Temple 45-57: Mob EXP only in close proximity, I usually pull mobs and kill them after I finish the instance, there is a big statue near the entrance which you can LoS the mobs behind when coming back from the last boss.
  • Ramparts 57-61: At this point you should hearth to Stormwind and use the portal to Hellfire Peninsula inside and up the stairs of the Mage Tower in Stormwind. The Instance is located on the lower level of the complex, to the left of the summoning stone if approaching from The Dark Portal. Do first on heroic. Mob EXP only in proximity. I pull all the mobs while running, kill Omor, then on the bridge to the final boss I kill all the mobs.
  • Mana Tombs 61-63: Located on the northern wall of the Ring of Observance. Do first run on heroic. Mob EXP only in close proximity, this is usually just 1-2 runs, may be quickest to just go straight to the boss, but you can pull most of the mobs back to the entrance after finishing boss if you want.
  • Sethekk Halls 63-68: Located on the eastern wall of the Ring of Observance. Do first run on heroic (get a chance at a rare mount!). Mob EXP only in close proximity. If you pull mobs you must kill all of the Time-Lost Controller's, as they will mind-control you and you will lose aggro on all the mobs you are pulling!
  • Nexus 68-78: Mob EXP anywhere I believe, but I generally pull everything to the final boss, and then LoS both the boss and mobs near the entrance around the corner, so it's in proximity anyways.
  • Trial of Champions 78-85: This is the middle door on the north-facing side of the main building in Icecrown. This can be a tricky instance, but is quick if done right. The first boss/phase you have to pick up and equip a lance from one of the weapon racks alongside the walls. Then you mount a horse and talk to the guy in the middle. After you've ran the instance once you will be able to skip the time-consuming "pageantry" by selecting the 2nd dialogue option from the npc. After you've begun the event, equip your normal weapon, this will dismount you and then just kill everything. The bosses will chain-stun you, so you want to kill them quick or be a paladin and use bubble. After you kill the bosses they will phase out and respawn next to the main gate, just kill them again. Then you talk to the event coordinator again for the 2nd and 3rd bosses. I recommend waiting for the final boss to enter his 3rd phase before logging into your lowbie.
  • Temple of the Jade Serpent 85-90: Kill/skip all mobs, just finish the instance as quick as possible. You will gain a movement speed buff between boss-kills, so start running immediately after killing the boss. I recommend waiting until after the final boss has cast his dream-state/mirror enemy spell before logging into lowbie, as it will cause your lowbie to be attacked.

Other tips

There is a somewhat tricky technique I use to reduce the elixir use/downtime that works as follows: After finishing the instance, promote the lowbie to party lead, then leave the instance on lowbie. Kick the leveler from the group, and then reset the dungeon on lowbie. Walk into the dungeon on lowbie and then invite the leveler to your party. Log out of the lowbie, and once the leveler has been auto-teleported out of the dungeon, accept the party invite and enter the dungeon. This method can be tricky and can backfire sometimes, so I only recommend doing it if you're confident that you can follow the steps closely. It can really reduce the overall leveling time though, and reduce the amount of elixir used.

If you would like to experiment with your own dungeon combinations here is the website that I use to figure out dungeon entrance level requirements and level-capped exp drop-offs: Dungeon & Item Level Requirements - Guides - Wowhead

I did a 1-100 in 4hr 55min /played, and about 8 hours playtime utilizing this method and my own method for 90-100 and received a lot of requests for a how-to. This is the guide that I created and posted to /r/wow, but thought that it may be appreciated here as well. I may release my 90-100 at some point also after my next 1-100 speedrun. A lot of the information is pieced together from knowledge I gained from ownedcore, so this is my attempt to give back to the community! Hope you guys enjoy!

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