Well, to use this method you will need to make a lot of alts... 

These alts can be level 1s, but keep in mind you will need to send them a few silver coins so they can still buy tokens for the dailies. So first off, you will need to decide on which character you wanna get the tickets, so let's say you wanna make your main get the stuff... 

So now you wanna go to your alts and do all of the dailies in Darkmoon you can find. Every daily rewards your with one Darkmoon Gift Box, and each box has at least 1 ticket and maybe some other stuff(like toys).. 

Now the catch is that these boxes are account bound, not soul bond, which means you will be able to send the with the mail box to your main... 

So basically what you do is get a lot of alts, do the dailies on them and send all of the rewards to your main.. 

This way you'll be able to afford anything you want(the mounts, toys, heilrooms) in no time. 

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