Wednesday, December 30

Ever wondered what's on BMAH? EU version

I am not sure what kind of tools are out there for checking BMAH (Black Market Auction House).
Either way I wrote this for my personal usage a while ago and I've decided to share it.

Some additional infos:
  1. It takes a while to load all realms, so give it a minute (60 seconds)
  2. It doesn't show duplicates as in all connected realms, but one of the realm in the group of connected realms (for example Auchindoun, Cho'gall, and Laughing Skull are connected, It will show only the first one in the group which is Auchidon)
  3. After it's loaded it will make items hoverable and fetch relevant info (wowhead API)
  4. Each realm is updated several times a day (some more often than others)
Visit website and see your self:
What's on EU BMAH -

Example for those who to check a specific realm only:

You would have to replace aegwynn in url with your realm for example outland, which would look like:

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