Sunday, January 3

Kill/Troll your faction in Ashran as a mercenary

Ok, so as it stands I guess this is 'intended' so I didn't post it in exploits, but if it's abused enough then maybe Blizzard will change the way it works.

1). Sign up for Ashran as a mercenary, on Alliance this is done by talking to Valmaun (Blood Elf) in Stormshield, as Horde talk to Kayvon Quinnstar (Night Elf) in Warspear.

2.) Join Ashran when the queue pops.

3). Run out of Ashran back to Stormshield/Warspear, depending on your mercenary faction, you will then be teleported back out to your real factions base (Stormshield/Warspear).

4). Run back into Ashran (you have 30 seconds before deserter timer runs out).

5). You will be now stood inside Ashran, but at the entrance of your real factions base as the mercenary faction.

6). Proceed to murder your real faction as they enter/leave Ashran, I recommend getting a few friends to sign up for maximum troll/carnage. You will also get credit for boss kills by being near the faction leader, so you can just use this technique to lurk in the enemy base if solo.

I hope people have some fun with this, hopefully it's not old news or too obvious.

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