Tuesday, December 1

Here is our New start Bear pet for Dwarf Hunters

Blizzard will generally avoid replacing pets. There was a rare spawn that was updated for Cata and given a new skin and several hunters absolutely melted down because the change altered their existing pets. It wasn't their same pet anymore, and it just wouldn't be the same Fluffy if they went out and tamed a tiger with that other skin. IIRC they changed the tiger back to blue and made a totally new white rare tiger or whatever.

What they'll do is change the pet ID for this new dwarf starting pet. So existing dwarf hunters will still have their old and busted bear if they didn't abandon it, and if they want the new model they can go out and tame the new hotness.

There are actually all kinds of rare retired pets out there or pets with buffs that alter their appearance that you can't tame anymore, but Blizzard hasn't gone back and deleted them or anything. The only time they intervened like that was when hunters could tame a Worgen mob for a few glorious days.

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