Monday, November 30

Purified Shard of the Third Moon trinket minor bug.

I found out this little bug tonight after i got this Bind on Account trinket in a 5 mans Mythic dungeon and i though is worth to mention it here.

  • Step 1) Equip Purified Shard of the Third Moon and use it.
  • Step 2) Fast after you use it , switch and equip your normal dps trinket !
  • Step 3) Enjoy 200k + damage absorption for almost 20 seconds for the fight ahead  For some reason if none attacks you is 200 k + lol !

I can see at least four different reasons someone may want to use the trinket this way:

  1. When someone duels you , do this trick before accepting and u have 200 k + more hp than him > !
  2. If you are a tank but you dislike this trinket you can use this and switch it on the boss pull countdown together with your pre-pot and and pre-shield from Shieldtronic Shield allowing your healers to dps more than usual for the first 20 seconds !
  3. Even if you are not a tank , IF a raid boss do a lot of raid dmge the first 20 seconds of the fight you may want to use this on the countdown as well.
  4. Useful to do old raid bosses and WoD rare mobs and content you usually have problems to solo.

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