This might not be counted as a downright exploit but sure a good way of making use of what we got as this might get nerfed/disabled.

To achieve 15k+ Apexis crystals / hour the "Sign of Apexis" buff is required + King of the jungle buff

I highly recommend using the item " Loot-A-Rang" crafted by engineers.

In Tanaan Jungle at the Iron Front there is an objective where Felsworn Beserkers/Bulwarks/Snipers/Soultwisters respawn very quickly after killing them.
Create or join a full 40 man raid group and kill everything and loot everything.

From this you can recieve 15k + Apexis Crystals per hour
+ some gold and possible epic BoEs and baleful items.
(Also a good place to go if you just wanna gear up your alts since alot of Baleful items drops you can create some decent ilvl items from doing nothing really )

Anyway, I hope this was useful to you and if it has already been posted I'm sorry.

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