Sunday, November 29

Turning Old Low Level Alts into Free Gold for Legion: Starting Shirts

For people that have been playing WoW for awhile, I'm sure you all have what I do - random low level alts scattered across your account. They may be on your main's realm, or one of your alt's realms, or a realm you've never played on beyond creating a level one character to talk shit in whispers or check the server's AH.

If you created those characters before Cataclysm came along, chances are they'll have the "old shirts". These are the starting shirts that most classes/races started with, and stopped being given to new characters since Cataclysm was released.

Depending on the server, these shirts can sell for anywhere from 5k-100k currently, and possibly more in Legion. With Legion coming and shirts becoming part of the account-wide Transmog system, these now unobtainable shirts have basically become free gold to the right buyers. These are the shirts you can look out for on your alts, and where they come from:

You can either sell them on the AH, or sell them in trade chat with a unique advertisement stating that these are unobtainable shirts that can be put into the account-wide Transmog system in Legion, allowing them to use these pieces of WoW history on all of their characters... or whatever.

Happy Gold Making!

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