This guide explains how to get around fast without the use of flying mounts. Which is most usefull since blizz has anounced that there will be no flying in the beginning of new expansions.

First i will be covering how to fly.
This method works best for Hunters because hunters have disengage which adds a little height and can be used to steer when flying.
All this works best if you are an Hunter Engineer.

The items and gadgets to use when flying are:

Darkmoon Cannon = 428% speed an medium altitude gain
X-52 Rocket Helmet = Good altitude gain and Infinite slowfall effect
Bottled Tornado = Medium altitude gain (shouldnt be used when Gnomish well has mailfunctioned because it gives a short CD on glider and Disengage when used.
Gnomish Gravity Well = Minor Altitude gain (should be spammed)
Aviana's Feather' = 714% speed and Highest altitude gain
"Skyterror" Personal Delivery System = 714% speed and Highest altitude gain
XD-57 "Bullseye" Guided Rocket Kit = 400% speed and lets you fly for 1 minute
Goblin Glider Kit =357% speed and controlled slowfall
Flexweave Underlay = slowfall
Nitro Boosts =Chanse on Good altitude gain ( should be used on 2 Waists and when used swopped out to another waist to be able to use it once per minute instead of once per 2 minutes.
also i like to use Assurance of Consequence
which reduces the cooldown a bit of Disengage and by the way Disengage speed is 285%

Instructions when you need to fly very far distances: Start of on the highest point possible by shooting yourself with the darkmoon cannon followed by a slowfall
Then use nitro boost with a chanse to gain altitude and swopping it out to the second nitro boosts waist. then Bottled Tornado > X-52 Rocket helmet to gain more altitude and gain endless slowfall. then use Gnomish gravity well untill it mailfunctions and then Boost off with aviana's feather for the maximum speed.

With this first boost off you will get pretty far. However if you are still not at your destination use nitro boost>Bottled tornado and the gravity well to gain hight again and boost off with the personal delivery system. if you try to break records you can stay in the air pretty long with endless slowfall and simply spamming your CD's of gaining altitude..
Also its good to Note that with the Tier 1 Tallent Posthaste.. Slowfall Effects dont go away while disengaging.. Most usefull when combined with Endless slowfall from X-52 helmet!!
however i never was able to stay in the air for more then 30 minutes this way. i have played around with it a little and it wasnt too hard to fly from Uldum to Moonglade.

Also in Dreanor i was flying long before Pathfinder was out. its also a much more fun way of flying then the regular old flying mount... also nearly twice as fast with Aviana's feather or Skyterror.

Another thing is
Now since there is lots of rivers on the Broken Isles its time to take out your Raft and gather Speed gear.
Anglers Fishing Raft
Rocket Boots Xtreme with a Enchant Boots - Minor Speed
Also a Explorer's Walking Stick
and ofcourse the WoD cloak enchant with 10% speed.

And as many high ilvl gear you can get with speed on it as possible.

If you have a nice speed set together on the raft and spamming space to go faster. Currenty with 1400 speed rating i go 320% passive speed on water. 100% faster then ground mount!

Combining flying with rafting.. is just so damn awesome.. i cant wait till Legion is here  much love and enjoy

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