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Cross Realming: Get some achievements, limited items and dailies easier than normally

This guide will be something that I have found while using Cross Realm Assist, but I think any other addon with similar abilities will work as well. This probably isn't really anything groundbreaking but I decided that I will share with you (feel free to delete if this is duplicate, I have searched through some pages, but I can't think of name for it so didn't find anything :P).

First of all, this will work for only SOME achievements, items and dailies, not all of them. I have tested it on Night Elf Druid on Outland EU, I suppose it should work for anyone but you can never be sure.

So basically, this method will work for achievements similar to : Higher Learning (Higher Learning - Achievement - World of Warcraft) or Let's Do Lunch: Darnassus (Let's Do Lunch: Darnassus - Achievement - World of Warcraft), ETC, which require you to find items / complete some dailies. As all of you know those items are not always respawned, also dailies are mixed, so sometimes you might find the daily quest which is not needed for several days, therefore your achievement progress is delayed. The easier way to get around it is to use Cross Realm Assist / similar addons, to jump between realms and search the item/quest you need. In my case, I managed to get Higher Learning achievement in like 2 or 3 days, just by jumping once a day in the evening. In the same way, all achievements requiring several dailies such as Let's Do Lunch: Darnassus can be easily done in 5 days.

WARNING: Most groups in cross realming are raid groups, therefore in order to complete the quest you only have to accept it on the different realm, then you must leave the group and complete it normally on your realm. 

This method should work for some other types of dailies but I haven't really tested it. I've tried those on Tanaan Jungle dailies, but either I was unlucky, or those dailies are the same for every realm, but I hopped on like 10 servers and all of them had the same daily (for the small gnome NPC atleast).
The same idea is for a limited supply items from vendors. If you can't find the item in the NPC, there is a chance you can find it on different realm (I got some enchanting recipes using this since they were always bought on the server).

Also a small additional guide: How to get 100 Cooking Awards achievement (100 Cooking Awards - Achievement - World of Warcraft) and the currency for Chef's Hat and cooking recipes based on Cross realming. Basically, all you need to do is to realm through servers in order to find the cooking dailies which reward you with most cooking awards. The most important one is Mustard Dogs! (Mustard Dogs! - Quest - World of Warcraft) quest in dalaran which rewards you with 2 awards and Small Spice Bag which also contains the award. Additionaly you need to complete one of cooking dailies in your faction cities, preferaly those which also award 2 cooking awards. You can read more about it here: Epicurean's Award - Currency - World of Warcraft.

Using this method you are able to obtain 5 Cooking awards each day, which will make the achievement and recipe collection much faster.

Allright, that is probably all. If you find any mistakes and have anything to add, please feel free to do so, I will be very grateful. Thank you for reading and good luck!

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