Sunday, January 31

Transmogrification: Wrynn's Unyielding Tiger Warrior

Wrynn's Unyielding Tiger Warrior:


-I think the strength of this look is the rich blue with the gold.

-I feel the legplates' design doesn't show off enough of the primary colors, and aren't "big" enough; so I'm underwhelmed by them.

-The belt is a bit underwhelming too. I'd like it to be bigger yet still match the color scheme.

-I really want a helm that shows the face. Something like this but actually goes with the set. I tried the Might Helm but it just didn't work the way I want it to.

-I much prefer this boot shape but I couldn't find something in the color scheme that I liked.

Been a lurker for a while, glad to finally have something to post =D

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