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The 6.2.3 Timeless Isle Azure Crane Chick Farm

Want some extra money after you spent the cata raid farm gold on a token? We'll hopefully I can help you out.

I like many others am paying my WoW subscription through gold and have to spend a decent chunk of my playing time farming that gold. Some viable options to farming for tokens can be found in Smitten's thread HERE (Paying for WoW Tokens Without Relying on Other Players). But even after I farm these weekly's and some of the dailies I find myself never having extra money left over. This is where I asked a friend what he does for gold and the one that stood out to me the most was this Timeless Isle Azure Crane Chick Farm. Let's break down the farm and what exactly you have to do.

How much will I make doing this farm?
  • Between 1000g/hr to 25,000g/hr (This all depends on your server since we will be farming a battle pet)
What are we farming?
These are a 2% drop from Crane Nests on the Timeless Isle.

Do I need addons?
Yes. The 3 we will be using are:

Okay so on to the farm. It is pretty simple.
1. Head to Timeless Isle.
2. Open the Paste Addon and copy these coordinates and paste them into Paste. This will automatically work with TomTom and should add green dots all over your mini-map.
/way 37.7, 38.8
/way 30.5, 41.5
/way 29.8, 52.3
/way 35.6, 38.7
/way 32.7, 52.4
/way 39.2, 44.7
/way 31.7, 50.1
/way 35.8, 38.4
/way 29.7, 52.3
/way 30.4, 39.4
/way 40.1, 41
/way 34.4, 38.8
/way 30.2, 38.8
/way 31.6, 50.2

/way 32.7, 52.6
/way 41.5, 69.3
/way 43.1, 66.1
/way 43.1, 68.1
/way 41.3, 69.6
/way 42.5, 45.2
/way 30.5, 39
/way 44.9, 62.5
/way 36.2, 82.1
/way 29.5, 60.4
/way 29.7, 67.1
/way 31.4, 78.7
/way 43, 68.6
/way 44.6, 62.7
/way 31.8, 64.7
/way 39.7, 41.4

3. Run to green dots that should lead you to trees with cranes near them. Near those cranes will sometimes be a Cranes Nest. Loot it and hope you get a pet. Do this on all the coordinates and than once done on your server use Cross Realm Assist to hop to another server and farm it on there. By the time you do it once on a 2nd server your original server should be fully respawned if nobody else is doing the farm since it has a decently fast respawn rate.

And that is it.

Important Notes:
  1. Please check your servers prices on this pet before you farm this. I averaged about 2-4 of these an hour per farm so maybe use that average and your server price to figure out if this is even going to be worth it for you. 
  2. The Cranes will pretty much always aggro once you loot a nest, this is normal. 
  3. As of now this farm doesn't seem to be too popular since not many people thought of farming something like this for a decent gold income. 
  4. This is simply a method for some extra gold not necessarily a farm you can count on to pay for Tokens consistently or make a huge amount of gold off of consistently. 

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