Monday, February 1

6.2.3 [Ruby Droplet Pet Farm] 15,000-25,000 GOLD [Current US Median 17,500 GOLD ]

What are we farming?
[Ruby Droplet] Ruby Droplet - Item - World of Warcraft

Who drops it? Where?
[Garnia] [Timeless Isle *Ruby Lake*] Garnia - NPC - World of Warcraft
[3% Drop Rate]

1. Portal to Jade Forest
2. Head SouthEast to Timeless Isle
3. Head over to the Celestial Court
4. Catch a ride from a Highwind Albatross to Ruby Lake
5. Find and Kill [ Garnia ] *Cross Realm Hop*
6. Rinse and Repeat

I personally killed Garnia 186 times without obtaining my first Ruby Droplet so this guide/experience was nuts to say the least. After killing this mob live on stream for hours, my viewers on stream started to send me "pitty gifts" lol. By the time I had looted one for myself I had 5 Ruby Droplets sitting in my mailbox to try and ease the pain of this early failure. With that being said .....

GIVEAWAY ALERT! - 2/7/2016 11:59 EST []Twitch 1 Ruby Droplet

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