Sunday, January 24

The reasons i play WoW less right now than i used to

I've started re-running raids on alts so that I can clear out items from my main's bank, void storage, and inventory. However, it's getting really bad as I'm quickly running out of space on my main still.

Sometimes I have to ask myself what I'm saving all this shit for. Why is Deadman's Hand taking up a bank slot? I guess in that case, it's because it's an ilvl40 epic that's no longer in the game, but still. Why are Obsidian War Beads sitting in there? I finished Kurenai reps years ago. Same with the Marks of Sargeras. I've bought everything there is to buy in Halaa. What am I saving these stupid Research and Battle tokens for? I was looking in my bank the other day, and there were eight head tokens from ICC in there. I had to tell myself to vendor that shit. I don't need it. I'm working on Shadowmourne; it's not like I won't get more. I've got all kinds of stupid holiday white gear. Am I going to go play dress up with my bouquet of flowers and egg basket? Not bloody likely.

Edit: same with the tabards. I'm petty sure I can go buy them at the guild tabard vendor if I ever want to wear them again. Again, not likely. But if they remove that shit from the game, I'll be pretty freaking salty that I got rid of it all.

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