Monday, January 25

Transmogrification: Ranger General of The Alliance Hunter

This is pretty neat. i'll probably use this once Gnomes become hunters. The set is built around the shoulders and the creator didn't realize how closely it resembled full T9 until finding that vendor. That said, the gloves were somewhat of improvisation, and the belt is Warlords PvP out of current content.

Head - Fleet Commander's Hat

Shoulders - Pauldrons of the Timeless Hunter

Chest - Chain Armor of Eminent Domain

Hands - Hateful Gladiator's Chain Gauntlets

Waist - Wild Gladiator's Waistguard of Cruelty

Legs - Leggings of Voracious Shadows

Feet - Sentinel Scouting Greaves

And a Lion named Varian

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