Wednesday, February 24

Double Timewalking Badge Quest is back (+ possible more )

So in my last thread I found a bug where you could complete the weekly event quests and the badge quest from timewalking twice per event, that got hotfixed.

However now the bug is back for only the badge quest! If you turn it in before 03:00 at Tuesday night you will get a 2nd 'Smoldering Timewarped Ember' (Cata timewalking version) and you can turn in the quest once more since you turned in the first one before the weekly reset.

But wait! There's more to it. If you get the 'Smoldering Timewarped Ember' and DON'T accept the quest from it but rather just keep it in your bag, you will keep getting infite embers from every timewalking dungeon you complete, which instead gets sent to your mailbox since it's a Unique item. This could potentially mean that every week that there's no timewalking you could turn in the quest if you have enough embers stored up in your mailbox. You will also get a 'new' ember if you turn in the first one before 03:00 Tuesday night as I stated in the first paragraph. Simply don't accept the quest/turn in the quest from the 2nd Ember you get after the weekly reset and you can get infinite amounts.

Proof by screenshot:

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