Wednesday, February 24

Farming Bot/Water elementals 4-5.5k/hr gold farming guide!

1. You must make sure you are at least lvl 95 to complete this with efficiency.

2. Obtain a potion of treasure finding from the ah or create it yourself (we will use this to complete the farm).

3. Clear Bot 25m H 10 times to receive the first half of the required loot. Then head over to Dragonmaw river and clear the water elementals.

4. You should have at least 45m left after the 10 BoT runs, so that leaves you with a lot of time to clear the water ele's near the dragonmaw spawn point.

5. The biggest part of this gold farm is to make sure you stay acquiring the volatile waters, because they cost the most on the AH ranging from 22g - 25g.

6. Converting the greens and cloth into bags will increase gold gained by 750g a hour but this is just recommended. (tailor/enchanter with at least 450 profession points)

Video guide if written isn't clear enough:

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