Saturday, February 20

The Quickest, Easiest TSM Guide Ever.

What's up guys, I'm back with a guide for all of you out there that have never bothered with looking at one of the super long complicated guides to using TSM.

Here I've made the most simple guide I possibly could, for what I would consider to be the most useful addon in the game. Keep in mind that there are many guides out there that will give you a better understanding of what's going on, but this guide is to make the addon seem a little less daunting.

  1. Download and install the TSM Addon and TSM Desktop App
  2. Sign up to and input your realm
  3. Log in on the Desktop App, and choose the directory for your WoW file
  4. Head to TSM Features -> Macro setup, and Copy these settings

Make a new group for high volume items, and another for low volume/high price items, and make new operations for them, follow the settings in the pictures for each of the groups
(High Volume)

(High Cost)

Head to Options -> Shopping, and copy these settings so you can start sniper scans.
From here you have everything ready to go, whenever you find something new to sell, you can head into Groups to add the item to it's corresponding group, that way when you go to the auction house you can do a post/cancel scan and just shift scroll to do all of the auctions for you.
Have a party with all of the gold you make from the time saved


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