Thursday, February 18

Transmogrification: Stormwind Battlemage

Damn you lucky raiders who can get awesome shiny things... Like these shoulders and hat! And I had to go with the cute lil' belt at the waist because it matched perfectly with the colors and would you just look at it!
  • Arcanoshatter Hood
  • Arcanoshatter Mantle
  • Nimble Hexweave Cloak
  • Stormwind Chestguard
  • Stormwind Grips
  • Warmongering Gladiator's Cord of Victory
  • Stormwind Leggings
  • Stormwind Boots
  • Wild Gladiator's Energy Staff

It's so weird that there are two types of Arcanoshatter regalia and they aren't just recolors. It makes me that much more interested in doing Mythic. Too bad my char that is mythic geared is a warlock and not a mage. :(

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