Saturday, March 5

6.2.3 [Monarch Topaz Prospecting GOLD GUIDE!] WORK SMART, NOT HARD!

Lets make this short and sweet:

What are we *Prospecting* for : [Monarch Topaz](Monarch Topaz - Item - World of Warcraft)

What ore are we *Prospecting*? :[Saronite Ore](Saronite Ore - Item - World of Warcraft)

Why are **Monarch Topaz** still a thing SKITZ?

**Tailors** need *4* of these to craft the [Magnificent Flying Carpet](Magnificent Flying Carpet - Item - World of Warcraft)

- I purchased *14 stacks of 20 Saronite Ore* *[1,210g]*

- **Prospecting BRB in 5**

- *Results*.........

[2] Monarch Topaz

[3] Scarlet Ruby

[1] Forest Emerald

[1] Autumn's Glow

[4] Sky Sapphire

[13] Bloodstone

[13] Chalcedony

[9] Dark Jade

[10] Huge Citrine

[8] Shadow Crystal

[11] Sun Crystal

-Taking the **MEDIAN** Price from [TUJ]( for **ALL** of the gems. I did the homework for you....

After Prospecting **1,210g** worth of Saronite Ore in 5 minutes I ended up with *2,409g* in gems.

*YEA RIGHT SKITZ!,...this is total RNG, [WoWHead](World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor News) gives it a *4%* chase of being prospected.

I prospected another 2 batches of Saronite Ore **AFTER** this initial run and the same thing happens. **Improved Drop Rate?** **You tell me**

The short Video Guide is [HERE]( if anyone wants to see me **prospecting and looting live** to confirm the results!


 As always, *Happy Gaming* hope this helps!

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