Monday, March 7

Alliance ONLY - One Button Gold Farming Spot - 15-40k LIV / hour - Barrens - Transmog

This spot is rarely known... if not known at all... and I've long time ago introduced it to my stream, but recently I've started farming it again and wanted to share it with you fellas.

The spot is located in Southern Barrens, coords: 53.58, 71.68 - Next to the Desolation Hold ... or even better... here is a picture :

What you need to farm here?

  • Alliance char that have spammable aoe, some range pull ability that doesn't have CD... or be a monk 
  • Be higher than 90 because after killing Trunk there are 2 guards that will come after you... that might kill you if u are lower level.
  • After you kill trunk, wait for 20-30 seconds and little goblins level 33 will start appearing / run to u endlessly like a river, named "Sapper Specialist".
  • Kill those guys and loot them.
  • That's it.

Tips & Tricks:

  • After 10-15 minutes the respawn might get slower... use Server Hop or Cross Realm Assist addon (here is a video on How to Server Hop if you don't know how to do it), and after changing servers the do the same all over again. The respawn rate will be restored. This rarely happens but if it does... this is what you should do.
  • You will get lots of crap items like, meat, some crappy recepes, some potions and stuffs... and your inventory will get full pretty fast. To clean your inventory faster without need to stare at your bags... I personally useTrashcan, it's pretty useful addon and you can make a list.. that auto vendors based on a list and also auto vendors grey stuff... if u select that in the Interface. I believe there are lots of other addons like this but this is my favorite because it's easy to use and fast.
  • Buy if you haven't already any kind of vendor (I suggest Tundra Traveler's Mamooth from Dalaran for 18k gold) or you can fly to Fort Triumph to the north-east of the spot, there is vendor and mailbox if you want to send the items to other char, for longer sessions.

Random Disclaimers:

  • This place provides me from minimum 10k Looted Item Value to maximum of 51k LIV in 1 hour... but that is not a rule... you might get 5k to 100k... it's dependable on servers and how the RNG gods will like you that day.
  • This gold or LIV (Looted Item Value) that you gonna farm... won't be instant gold.. you need after that to sell all that crap and for that to sell depends on server might take 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or even 1 year.

For those who prefer to watch the instructions in short 5 minute video..

 Hope you guys gonna enjoy this little guide... and it will make you lots of Gold. Cheers and Cya in the Next One!

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