Tuesday, March 29

Aand...Another Warcraft TV-spot Surfaces...

The marketing team behind the Warcraft movie has a very thorough and well-put together schedule that it's apparently sticking to in the months and weeks leading up to the actual launch of the movie. In fact, the way the movie is hyped up and the way it all ties up with World of Warcraft and its upcoming Legion expansion, is a lesson in how marketing should be done and how even the potential of a franchise as well-known as the Warcraft universe can be further improved. The movie-hyping stage of the campaign is apparently about releasing TV-spots on a near-weekly basis, largely re-using previously published material but throwing a new bit in there every time to keep things interesting for fans.

The latest TV spot landed not even a full day ago, and it sticks to the recipe: besides the recycled bits and pieces, it also gives audiences a glimpse at Medivh and Baby Thrall.

Though they are obviously careful not to spoil any proper plot-twists, the trailers have made a number of plot-related issues clear: there's an orkish faction in the movie which lines up with the humans in search of a more peaceful life, while the greenskins are busy pushing their usual, evil agenda. Dark days are ahead and war is fast approaching in the usual World of Warcraft vein. The graphics are once again impressive and the entire setup just teases the possibility of a future Warcraft-based MMO looking just as great as the movie does...in fact, I personally believe that is one of the goals of the movie creators, and they have indeed done quite a job of it thus far...

Warcraft, the movie, launches in May in Europe and in June in North America, and it brings with it some rather attractive WOW-related promotions.

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