Monday, March 28

Fishing in Garrison: 6-24k/hour

We decided to share some information about some easy gold making, it might be common sense for some though i still do not see many people taking advantage of this.

Level 3 Fishing Shack
Preferably max skill fishing

Where are we fishing?
We're fishing in Garrison waters by the fishing shack.

What are we fishing for?
We're fishing for Frostdeep Minnow on horde side and Lunarfall Carp on alliance side.

Why are we fishing for those?
We're fishing for the Frostdeep Minnows/Lunarfall Carps to sell the loot of Frostdeep Cavedweller which has a 0,4% chance to drop Riding Turtle and a 0,2% chance to drop Sea Turtle

Recommendations for max yield of green fish
I recommend having a fishing hat, fishing pole and a lure.
Currently the best fishing pole for this is Ephemeral Fishing Pole which gives a +100 increased fishing skill, unfortunately the easiest way to get this is to loot the Frostdeep Cavedwellers, but I usually get five fish and find a buyer and split the hats and poles with the buyer.

The best hats are Hightfish Cap and Tentacled Hat which also gives +100 to fishing skill.

For lure use: Worm Supreme which is a solid +200 to fishing, these can be obtained through the auction house or from the Frostdeep cavedwellers.

Remember to use a bait from Nat Pagle if any of the the common fish are worth anything on your server

Time to sell!
Go on into Trade Chat announcing you have preferably five fish for sale, depending on server they seem to go 1-2k a fish.

On a 10-minute lure I get between one and two Frostdeep Minnows, usually one.

For the math: 1-2 fish per 10 mins * 6 lures per hour * 1-2k a fish results in 6-24k/hour. I recommend finding a steady buyer if that's possible on your realm.

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