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Garrison Gold Guide

This guide is more of an exploit but none the less its very simple. This is an very old method, figured i'd post it for others to enjoy, if a mod wants to move to exploits by all means go for it.

So basically what we are going to do is bypass the daily cool down for crafting Dreanor Merchant Orders, this can be done on a level one.


1.) Create level 1
2.) Summon level one to leaders Garrison
3.) Give level one required mats:

x2 Light Parchment
x4 Cerulean Pigment

4.) Craft item on level one
5.) Move extra mats + crafted items off to alt
6.) log off level one
7.) delete level one
8.) repeat at step 1

by creating a level one over and over you are able to craft this item and bypass the daily CD. I did not bother getting down the GPH, but its too low to really mess around with, however some of you might find it entertaining and easy if anything.

So what is it that we are crafting over and over?

The item is called Partial Receipt, and it works but combining two or more of the same receipt to craft a whole receipt. These receipts sell anywhere from 75 - 225 gold to a vendor, so by repeating the steps above you can basically get these items at the cost of some very cheap mats you can find on your AH.

You will need a level 2 scribes quarters from your garrison with the follower Benjamin Gibb assigned to it.

wowhead link:

Draenor Merchant Order - Spell - World of Warcraft

I would appreciate if some one could give feedback on what their GPH turned out to be, none the less very easy gold method with very little effort, hope you guys enjoy.

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