Monday, March 21

Another Warcraft Movie TV Spot Surfaces on Twitter

With the release date of the Warcraft movie drawing near, trailers, TV spots and various other promotional material offering a glimpse into the film seem to surface at an ever increasing rate. The only problem with these bits of promotional content is though that they seem to recycle the same scenes over and over, being extremely stingy with new material, even though a couple of fresh shots do find their way into every new iteration, just to keep things interesting and fans on the edge. In the latest TV piece, fans of the Warcraft universe got a glimpse of Gul'dan, Khadgar, Garona and the dwarven character who first showed up in the previous promotional video. All-in-all, the video doesn't give away any significant, new information about the movie, but the fans were nonetheless delighted about the presence of the dwarf, and the visuals which, though re-circulated for the most part, once again impressed. Watching these trailers one, cannot help but ponder whether this is indeed what a future Warcraft-based game would look like...

The latest trailer begins by re-assuring us for the umpteenth time that "war is coming". Given that it's the Warcraft universe we're talking about, we wouldn't have it any other way. Gul'dan shows up early, in a shot which apparently has him in control of a massive army of greenskins, and then the other - above mentioned - characters show up as well for a second or two, as if to check in, without actually giving away anything of substance about the movie.

Something that the series of trailers have made quite clear thus far though is that the actual "fauna" of the movie-universe will be limited, at least in the upcoming title. It's not likely that we'll see trolls, tauren or worgen for that matter, not to mention goblins and gnomes.

The movie will also take place in a parallel timeline to the original Warcraft canon set up by the early games, though it is also true that none of the different storylines worked by those said games have been recognized as "official canon" by Blizzard.

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