Monday, March 21

[Huge 4 Challenge Mode Records/Gold] Dark Simulacrum/ in Everbloom.

Everyone is well aware by now (At least I think) of being able to Dark Simulacrum Earthshaper Telu's Bramble Patch.

But there's more to it than that. When you Dark Simulacrum Bramble Patch, it has a 100 Yard Range.

What's that mean?

Simple. That means /target Archmage and cast Dark Simulacrum/bramble patch on her. It casts through walls and ground. After you cast it, go back to killing the Tree Guys.

The Debuff lasts 45 seconds - 1 minute, I forget. It also damages her through her shield. By the time you kill her adds, she will be at 50-70% Hp.

It gets better though, if you use 2-3 Dk's to Dark Simulacrum it, she will die without ever having to fight her.

Now, with Grounding Totem, if you use Grounding Totem Reflect Spell Glyph, you can simply walk into the Bramble patch on the ground cast by Earthshaper Telu and it will reflect the damage back to him. All you have to do is place grounding totem after he casts it and walk into it.

WoW Challenge Mode Runs, The Everbloom :: WoWProgress - World of Warcraft Rankings

Wow look at all the top Everbloom times with 3 Death Knights, now you know why enjoy.

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