Tuesday, March 22

How I make my gold on my new toon

Given only 10 gold to start on a high volume server (I chose US-Tichondrius being that it has a 76 million gold volume auction house) I am continuing to follow these key steps in order to make gold initially:
  • Post at 24 hour duration. This cuts initial investment into depositing into the auction house, and being that I started with 10 gold, I want to find out quickly which investments, even if from a vendor are both worth the money and worth posting on the auction house.
  • Make a TSM group for listing vendor crap. This includes Blacksmith Hammers, Light Parchment, Rune Thread, Crystal Vials, etc. Anything someone would buy either accidentally due to forgetting where to buy it or someone new who would check the auction house before checking wowhead. Free, easy money. This drags in very high amounts of gold on high volume servers, and shouldn't necessarily be done on lower or even medium volume auction houses, as it's a waste of gold and bag space if you're continually posting them and getting them back in the mail.
  • Making a "Dump my bags" operation with TSM. Usually I use this to dump my bags of trade goods of which I've just bought odd amounts (let's say 13 illusion dust for example). I have it set up to post at 200 stack limit, at stacks of 20, while accepting any odd stacks. Let's be honest, most people don't care and just buy the odd stacks anyway if they really need it. (I usually end up dumping old-world mats with this operation, which is a low-volume supply anyway.)
These three principles alone will carry me through the early stages of 10 gold all the way up to about 10k gold, in a very short period of time. This carries me up to my next point of flipping items: Current expansion materials. Basically, any item that falls below 80% is an exceedingly safe buy, being that even if the market stays low for a day or two it will reliably come back to stability provided there's no external influence such as a bot ban wave. Alright, so that 10k will be used on trade mats, which is an easy gold-earner all the way up to my target 50k where I start dealing in Elixirs of the Rapid Mind, Champion's Honor, and Medallions of the Legion. These can easily net hundreds to thousands of gold per item and are fairly low-risk on a higher population server, and combined with current-world trade materials, can carry me from 50k to 250k. This is all done without use of anything outside of a major cities access, and is started by begging for an initial 10 gold investment that I plan on returning a hundred times over to the person who gave it to me. I'm about two and a half weeks in to this one-month challenge to gold cap and this has been my process thus far. Without my access to any farming whatsoever, and without the occasional long-term sales I'm used to on my regular two servers however, I'm finding that the gold making process slows as there's no real big-ticket items past the 10-15k champion's honors left to flip. Let me know what you think I've been doing right / wrong in the comments, and if you think I can make it to gold cap in a week and a half! :D

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