Wednesday, March 23

Cooking! Chocolate cookies :D

I have made a few HUNDRENDk selling this one item, and i never see anyone else spamming trade so i thought i would share.

the item were cooking and selling is the [Chocolate Cookie -Wowhead ] (Chocolate Cookie - Item - World of Warcraft)

This item is required for the achievement [You'll feel right as rain - Wowhead (You'll Feel Right as Rain - Achievement - World of Warcraft)

91 cookies are required for the achievement and i manage to to sell mine between 9-11G EACH (as stacks on a High PoP server with no competition, 22g each as single auctions.

the coca beans required to craft the cookies can be bought by doing the Orgrimmar cooking dailys available to any char from level 10 (i think.. might be 15) (not sure of the alliance NPC)

The profit margins are insane here

One you have made cookies, spam trade with a cookie link and an achievement link and tell everyone to have a nice day

As i said i have 0 server compition, hopefully you wont either 

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