Wednesday, March 2

Limited supply mote + engineering mat vendors. 500 -2.5k g in 2-3 minutes.

With the introduction of the wardrope in Legion, transmog gear is more popular than ever. This had lead to a steep rise and limited supply of more or less every reagent from TBC.
There happen to be 2 vendors, still existing in outland, that sells the motes for these primals for 16s each, with some nice engineer mats from the vendor in Netherstorm.

The 2 vendors in question is
1: Dealer Najeeb in Netherstorm at 46.36

2: Dealer Tariq in Terokkar forest at 49.70

Both of these vendors sell all 7 types of motes with a limited supply of 3. If we assume the regional prices, these motes from from 2g a piece to 25g if you're lucky getting the fire ones. Most of the motes increase by in price when made into a primal. Cross realming for about 5 minutes, you can expect anywhere from 5 - 20 motes depending on the vendor RNG.

The vendor in netherstorm is even more juicy due to his remote location, but also the fact that he sells Hardened adamantite Tube(1) worth an average of 200g, Adamantite Frame(2) worth an average of 200g, Handful of Fel Iron Bolts(4) worth 29g each and elemental blasting powder(4) worth 19g each.
Both the bolts and the elemental powder is used in the various engineering leveling guides out there, and will be sold quickly due to the fact, whereas the other two are using in most engineering gear crafts from TBC.

They key here is cross realm. I suggest realm hop, as I've found it the fastest of the ones available, to jump servers quickly. 

This is what you can expect for 5 minutes of server hopping at around 24:00 server time. Naturally doing this at odd hours, will earn you a greater yield. 

If we do the match on that we get
5 adamantite frames = 1000 g
29 bolts = 841 g
14 emental = 266 g
4 high paying motes = 88 g
6 low paying motes = 12 g
If we assume we create primals from the motes we get a total of 2257 g for 5 minutes from just vendor.

As an end note: When cross realm jumping, make sure you close the trade window, or he'll bug out and you'll have to run out of range of him to be able to purchase from him on the next server. Every second counts when jumping realms like this ^^

I hope this will help you.

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