Tuesday, March 1

[US] 6.2.3 - Use Some Protected Names for Characters/Guilds

WARNING: Some of these names are likely to get you banned if abused. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  • Step 1: Close WoW & your Battle.net Client. Navigate to your World of Warcraft Folder, and open the "WTF" folder located inside of it.
  • Step 2: Open "config.wtf" inside Notepad or similar plain text editor.
  • Step 3: Find the lines "SET textLocale" and "SET agentUID".
  • Step 4: Modify "enUS" (or whatever they are set as) to "ruRU"
  • Step 5: Save the file and open WoW directly through the executable - WoW-64.exe
  • Step 6: Log on and create guilds/characters!
  • Step 7: Close WoW and change lines mentioned in step 3 back to "enUS" to return to English.
It should work for basically every English character word in "NamesProfanity.dbc" - obviously this list comes with a strong language warning.

However, not every word here is considered a "swear word", but just comes under the banner of profanity for some weird reason, like "eggplant", "genocide", "mhz" and "windex".

You might be able to find some good ones if you look through the list.

Have fun guys, and don't forget to keep bad language out of this thread.

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