Probably (99% sure) not working as intended but here it goes:

  • Join lfr
  • Enter instance
  • TP out
  • Do whatever you want - farm, mounts, pet battles etc
  • Profit
You ll be reward with valor points and gold when they kill last boss, even if you not inside, but you will  get the credit anyway.

I do this method on HM n BRF, never got kicked, kinda lucky probably. Also this instance are so easy with the new gear that they never wipe (besides the iron maidens, when ppl dont do boat)

But welp, just wanted to share it regardless you get kicked on your first try or not. Its about luck not getting kicked, but even if you do, you wont loose a thing so ye.

Also i dont know if its a repost or not, and tbh cba to search it. If its a repost delete it

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