Tuesday, April 5

Gold farming competition - makes gold farming more fun

Many of you are probably aware of the addon " Lootappraiser_Challenge" already, this post is simply for those who aren't.

The addon basically allows you to invite as many friends and guildies as you want, and it puts them onto a scoreboard.

You run an instance and/or a farming spot, and the addon tracks the items and its value and adds it to the scoreboard.

You can put a timer on, and see who farms the most gold ( itemvalue ) in that amount of time.
I find this to be ALOT of fun, i dont feel like i grind for the gold when i do these challenges.

The way it works and addons needed are explained further in this video.

Addons needed :
The addons needed are as following :

- LootAppraiser
- LootAppraiser_Challenge


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