Wednesday, April 6

Possibly oneshot all bosses

So earlier today i discovered a possible oneshot-mechanic to oneshot all bosses.
Even though it might require a pretty good computer and great timing.

The Exploit:
Use ring, deal billions of damage, get summoned and oneshot boss.

It's only been tested out with a heartstone atm. and yes, the "explosion" persisted through my garrison HS (standing in Warspear).

So the "possible exploit goes" (since i lost my mage):
Go to storm peaks and do this trick and spellsteal shit.

Have your raid to summon you within 20 yards of the boss you're supposidly oneshotting

Have the summoning shit ready, and get your spellsteal going high, when you can't get anymore spellsteals, pop your ring and blast the mobs and accept summon, and go to boss.
(this could possibly be done with more than 1 mage doing it in the same raid, using x-realm assist).

GL to those of you who have mages, and for the rest of you, you can test it out with a heartstone etc.

1. Right before I pulled small one so i can pop Capacitor on him ( one not close to boss )

2. When I started to nuke the small mob ( I used all the CDs and the ring before i got the Capacitor to proc )

3, When the Capacitor exploded, You can see the dmg it did, if the small mob wasnt up he would have been killed

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