Thursday, April 28

Gold Garrison Outpost, turn 10,000 Resources to 3000 Gold (Common Sense+macro)

I know it's common sense, but with the outpost, you can buy a bag which contains 15 gold (average) for 50 garrison resources.

This method isn't that great but if you don't have time to play with auction, or to farm gold by going outside of your garrison.

It's useful for toons, 150G everytime you grab your 500 resources chest !
Also, to avoid clicking accept/yes everytime you buy a bag, you should use these following macros

Macro 1 :

/run for i=1,5 do BuyMerchantItem(27) end;

you can change the 5 to the number of bags you want to buy per macro click.

Macro 2 :

 /use item:120146
/run for i=1,GetNumLootItems() do LootSlot(i) end;

this macro open bags and grab gold faster. I also use it to open some other bags/chest, like the ones you get from potion of luck.
By using the "item:id" you gain some space and make the macro language independent
Macro to open lot of chests (plundered-treasure,tiny-treasure-chest, etc)

/use item=87391
/use item=67539
/run for i=1,GetNumLootItems() do LootSlot(i) end;

You can use both macro in a single smash button but I use them on different occasion and purpose
Here's a video which shows how it works in case my english is bad, have fun !

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