Wednesday, April 27

World of Warcraft: Legion Details Leaked

World of Warcraft's upcoming Legion expansion has generated quite a few headlines already and quite a bit is known about it. Its release date has been set, its mission is to breathe new life into one of the longest-running MMO titles and its launch is timed to milk the buzz that will doubtlessly be created by the upcoming Warcraft movie. Everything seems set to make Legion the most successful WOW expansion: at this point, anything short of that would probably be a major disappointment for its creators. In technical terms though, not much is known about what Legion will actually deliver. Sure, it will raise the level-cap, but that is in the vein of every prior WOW expansion and as such, hardly surprising. There will be certain changes to armor sets which we have discussed in previous articles, but a couple of days ago, a video surfaced online, showing Legion's Wardrobe feature, something that will apparently allow players to change the aesthetics of their gear. The video has since been deleted, but a screenshot of it survived, and indeed, it shows the Wardrobe, laden with various cosmetic items.

The big deal about the feature is that up until now, players could keep their cosmetic items in their bags or in Void Storage, but in Legion, they will have a Toy-Box-like option for it, which is obviously a step up in this respect.

Despite all these promising bits and pieces of details regarding the upcoming title, many players remain fearful that Blizzard will dumb the action down through Legion to accommodate those who take up the game in the wake of the movie. The expansion may be the last opportunity to get a big commercial bang out of the title which may indeed be on its last legs already...

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