I've been collecting data on the gold gain from my garrison on one of my characters to make a guide on how to maximize profit from it. in a week of recording I found the character to have made around 20k gold from missions alone, I hope this emphasizes the importance of collecting gold find followers from your inn.

So I'll start this off by giving a overview of the buildings you can get in your garrison, and their cost/profit, Keep in mind you can ease the pain of buying the recipes by doing the outpost missions.

2950 gold, 1k total resources
Once established, brings in 450g/day on average from gold missions, with the added bonus of new gold find followers, I suggest collecting a couple of resource bonus followers in the beginning to help speed up the proccess

Herb Garden/Mines
both 800 Gold/150 resources
totals at 230g for 5 mins of effort a day, I suggest only getting it if you have either no miners/herbalists, or if you have those proffesions on the character, as you can do the work orders at no time cost to you.
Should pay for itself after 2 weeks

2950 Gold, 1k Resources total
if you are trabbing solo with an undergeared character, this will not be as efficient, but with my terrible server prices I earn around 16k/hr on the time spent trapping.
takes around 9 days to pay itself off at max level

Inscription Hut (only level 2)
1200 Gold. 150 resources
average 90g a day on the merchant orders, make sure you keep herbs to do this
Should pay itself off after 2 weeks

Salvage Yard
2700 Gold, 450 Resources
If you auction off the things that sell well, and disenchant the current teir items, you can make well over 110g/day, but on average I find it gives 110g/day
1 month pay off

Trading Post (only level 2)
150 Gold
Build this first to allow for resource gain to speed up the creation of the garrison, once you have finished building everything you can burn all of your resources here for at least 1g/resource if you time the days right, along with a net gain if you are always doing the work orders and spending the resources properly
You can either use this or the barn, the barn will give higher profit, but the trading post will be useful in building the garrison, and will take less time investment for the gold gain that it provides.

Total 3500 Gold/3500 resources
This is the highest cost plot in your garrison, it will eventually net you more gain than anything other than the normal missions. I suggest upgrading it later on as it is such a resource sink, but it will definately pay off. I've found it to earn me around 1k/day on average with the right ships. I also suggest spending your extra resources on upgrades for ships when required for heavy hitting gold missions

This way you will quickly be gaining the resources you need, while also gaining the followers necessary to gain the most profit later on. Then you will move onto the heavy hitters, followed by the supplimental income. I also suggest downloading masterplan to make the follower missions a lot faster.

Over the course of a week I found the following profit from missions:
- 3275 from inn quests alone
- 772 from the salvage yard
- 11670 from Normal gold follower missions (didn't get blingtron's vault)
- 6390 from the shipyard

Before you say anything about the diminishing returns of the gold find missions, keep in mind that I'm doing all of this on 6 characters on one account, which should be an average amount for most players.

I've also uploaded a video where I explain all of this to those of you who TL:DR (Yes it was recorded on a potato)

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