A little late to the punch and also may be super common knowledge
and more than likely not really considered an exploit.... Howeverrrrrr

You can save yourself some gold by renting the [Master Hunter's Seeking Crystal].

Requirements: Order of the Awakened - Revered, and ~5100 gold

  1. Seek out Dawn-Seeker Krisek in Vol'mar in Tanaan Jungle (or alliance equivalent) 
  2. Purchase [Hunter's Seeking Crystal] for ~850g
  3. Purchase [Master Hunter's Seeking Crystal] for ~4250g
  4. Use the item as per normal
  5. Refund at any vendor to receive all ~4250 gold back and the blue quality version
  6. Repeat whenever you need it.
  7. Profit
  8. ???

You Keep the blue quality one forever but save 4250g

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