Monday, May 2

More Warcraft Movie Details Surface: Trailer Featuring Durotan, Lion's Pride Inn

As June 10 draws ever closer, more and more details about the upcoming Warcraft movie surface. The most recently released trailer appears to be the first of an upcoming series focused on individual characters. This one is dedicated to the rebel leader of the orcs, Durotan and it establishes his position within the movie-lore as the one looking to find a new home for his people, while not necessarily seeking confrontation with the humans.

Talking about movie-lore: apparently the film will deviate from "official" game lore in a number of spots, and it will do so with the full approval of Legendary and Blizzard. While we do not yet know any specifics about exactly where and how the canon-deviations will occur, we do know that they were deemed necessary by Director Duncan Jones, who said their purpose was to make a better movie. Sticking closely to game canon does indeed have its pitfalls as illustrated by the 1993 Super Mario Bros movie debacle.

In other Warcraft movie news: Legendary released a behind the scenes video of one of World of Warcraft's iconic locations, Lion's Pride Inn, as featured in the upcoming movie. Fans were quick to jump on it and some of them drew up galleries comparing the movie-inn to the WoW one. Suffice to say, the set-builders have done a smashing job: the movie inn looks almost identical to the in-game one. The said clip is narrated by Ogrim actor Robert Kazinsky, himself a WoW player and fan. In addition to looking just like the original, the movie location will also feature a number of Easter Eggs according to Kazinsky, among these a wanted sign for "Kobold".

Kazinsky was pleased with the set, and by the looks of things, WoW players will be pleased with the way it'll be presented in the movie as well.

Philip Thalberg is a Dota 2 player and a long-time member of GosuTeam.

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