Tuesday, May 3

Rogue exploit guide

This video is a comprehensive guide to rogue exploits, illustrated with many examples.

Although designed as a guide there are some very advanced, gamebreaking and otherwise unpublished plays here:

If you are interested in some of the specific plays:

Shadowstep: Shadowstepping to skip through dungeons/raids to skip to end bosses, illustrated in Utgarde Pinnacle where, if you drag a mob through the portcullis at the start you can kill the end boss in about 30 seconds.

Glyph of disguise: How to copy glitched npc models and use them to devastating effect in pvp. Turn into a virtually invisible clump of earth from a mob in Kun-Lai summit, and hide the flag completely when using this disguise as flag carrier.

Ultimate ninja-capping. How to get INSIDE flags in bg's like Arathi basin. Once inside the flag you are immune from direct attack. Use a shrinking debuff, then a size increase debuff. Jump on a flag while mounted (much easier on a large mount). Remove the size increase debuff, stand on the dead centre of
the flag pole, log out and log back in. As you log back in you will fall into the centre of the flag. Here you will be difficult to see and impossible to target

Permanent 113% attack speed in dungeons
Use a buff from mobs in Gorgrond to increase your mastery, then use slice n dice. With glyph of momentum you can keep refreshing snd to its snapshotted value (don't refresh it manually). The overpowered snd buff will persist through zones.

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