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Tribe of Tauren

Bahgo of Thunder Bluff

A career soldier and fierce Tauren loyalist, Bahgo was called into battle during the siege of Ulduar and has remained a steadfast warrior of the Horde ever since. He holds countless victories under his belt, against both the evils of Azeroth and the Alliance. After returning from Draenor, successful in the suicide mission against the Iron Horde, Bahgo isolated himself on the plains of Desolace. Feared by the Centaur tribes, the Tauren known as "the Colossus of Mulgore" seeks vengeance for his peoples' past torment.

Crusader Ahruma

A peaceful, calm Tauren and younger brother of Bahgo, Ahruma was called to arms during the elemental invasion preceding Deathwing's emergence. Under the tutelage of Aponi Brightmane and Tylennis, a Blood Elf who once adventured with Bahgo, Ahruma accepted his life as a Sunwalker and fights to rid Azeroth of corruption. He stands watch at Thunder Bluff's Spirit Rise, eagerly awaiting the day that another threat comes knocking on the Great Gate of Mulgore.

Plaguehorn, Champion of the Frozen Wastes

Struck down in battle by the Scourge and unwillingly raised as a Death Knight, the warrior now known as Plaguehorn was once a keen strategist and feared warrior in the Horde war machine. As a Death Knight, Plaguehorn spread his death and decay not only across Northrend, but his home of Kalimdor as well. After the fall of the Lich King, Plaguehorn has regained his free will and will stop at nothing to make right the evils he wrought under Arthas' cold fist.

Stablemaster Rahnoga

Rahnoga, a falconer and bloodthirsty mercenary, has no qualms with taking a bounty - Alliance or otherwise. Raised in Camp Taurajo, he fled from his home after the Cataclysm when village was destroyed. Fueled by vengeance, Rahnoga, along with his twin eagles Maruni and Ahusaka, stalks the forests and hills of Kalimdor, hunting Alliance adventurers using a combination of Goblin engineering and brute force.

Garuul, Guardian of Cenarius

Garuul can remember it as clear as day. He was teaching a young Night Elf in the Druidic ways at Thal'darah Grove when General Grebo ordered for The Bomb to be dropped. With an almost supernatural quickness, Garuul shapeshifted into his flight form and escaped the blast, carrying his student in his talons. Honored by High Chieftain Cliffwalker for his heroism in the face of grave danger, Garuul was given a new lease on life. He vowed to prevent tragedies like Thal'darah Grove from ever happening again - no matter the cost.

Brewmaster Lohrudo

Not too long ago, Lohrudo was nothing but a simple drunk, wallowing away in nearly every tavern on Azeroth; it wasn't until the Pandaren arrived on the mainlands that Lohrudo was introduced to his calling - a Brewmaster Monk. Marrying his two true loves, drinking and fighting, Lohrudo traveled to Pandaria to perfect the art of drunkenly brawling with everyone in sight. He now seeks to befriend the fierce Yaungol, or at least raid their booze stash while they're asleep.

Twilight Vanquisher Orakto

To Orakto, power is everything. Once a card-carrying member of the Twilight's Hammer, he left the cult after the downfall of Deathwing and renounced his ways to pledge allegiance to the Horde. In the Horde's eyes, Orakto is a Seer who can effortlessly balance the powers of both Light and Void. Secretly, however, the Void Priest works to free his true master, Magatha Grimtotem, and restore her to her rightful place as Chieftain of Thunder Bluff.

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