Saturday, May 14

WOW: Legion Beta Testing Kicks Off

It was bound to happen and it seems it's finally upon us indeed: the beta testing of WOW's upcoming expansion, Legion, has started as beta emails have already gone out to the select few who will get to experience Blizzard's newest creation first hand, albeit in a not entirely-completed form.
Obviously, the bulk of the beta testers will come from community veterans, fansite owners, press and opt-in testers. The beta test will give players the possibility to take the new demon hunter class for a test-spin, as well as to access the new max-level zones and the artifact system. The beta testing characters will be created using level 100 templates, so they will be ready to explore all the new content from the get-go. It is worth noting that there is no non-disclosure agreement attached to the beta version of the game, so testers will be free to discuss and share their experiences, and yes, that includes streaming and video-posting too.

Those who are selected to become beta testers will receive an email with their invitation. The game will have to be downloaded through the desktop client. To make sure that they have indeed been selected and that they are not victims of a phishing scam, players should check their accounts for a Legion beta license under the "Your Game Accounts" section.
The installation process is relatively simple too: players selected as beta testers have to select World of Warcraft from the game list on the left, in their account. The Beta:Legion title can be found under the In Development section in the Region/Account drop-down menu above the Play button.
Those who install the game should avoid the standard character creation process (which the game may automatically load for them), and use the Legion Beta template instead, which is located near the Enter the World button.

Players who want to opt in can do so from their account, provided they have at least a Blizzard game attached to it already. The Beta Profile Settings page is where they have to go and they have to check the Warcraft option. All that's left to do then is to wait for an email invitation.

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