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Extensive Guide to World PVP

In order to explain this guide best i should tell you a little about myself,
I've been playing wow since early 2005 and have played almost all of my time on my Hunter in BM and MM spec mostly.

Back in the beginning of WoW the most amazing thing about the game features for me was open world PVP and the amazing 2 Faction system! Horde and Alliance.

For over 11 years i've played pvp in every way but the pvp i loved most of all is World PVP, Because for me it has most depth.

You can make use of the environment and every thing ingame that you can possibly imagine.
now I will be covering everything i use on my Hunter to be the best that i can be in World PVP,
Also i will explain Strategy in playing a hunter while in world pvp.

First of all I will give a list of every item i have in my bags, and the way you can use the items.. I start with the most powerfull items First.

Salyin Battle Banner This item is a must have for every world pvper because it makes you lose combat. and especially classes which dont have Feign Death or shadow meld should use this as a trumph card for when you are out of cards to play.
Darkmoon Cannon This will get you out of nearly any dangerous situation, can be used while in combat,
Direbrew's Remote If you want to make a last stand, and have 10 seconds before the battle, use this baby, and spamclick it, every time you click it it will untarget you for everybody,, spam it and people will only be able to AoE you...However when this disapears after a minute you will teleport away.
Falling Flame The fastest way to travel apart from Teleports! Use in combination with a glider for controll,
Also can be used in combat and when you really dont want to die this will safe your life in the blink of an eye> Must be kept as a last resort because it has just 50 charges.
Aviana's Feather Use together with Salyin Battle Banner for an instant escape, or Feign death or meld.
Last Deck of Nemelex Xobeh when in a all or nothing situation, draw a card and pray!
Ever-Blooming Frond Whenever you get out of combat while escaping this will get your hp to 100% in seconds! also works while mounted. a must have.
The Last Relic of Argus This in combination with Detterence will function many of times as a Bubble HS, However skilled people might interupt you if they know how to hit you while in detterence!
Brazier of Awakening Place this before battle if you suspect you might die!
Spike-Toed Booterang Dismounts people, use when they are high up
Unleashed Mania Berserk, handy if you have to quickly burst down a healer or multiple enemies at once. Also a huge survival cooldown! only works in dreanor,
Treessassin's ***** Amazing Item makes you live an extra minute for regening health and can also be used as a camouflage. Only usable in dreanor.
Hand of the Prophet Battle Standard Regens huge amounts of HP especially in combination with Unleashed mania.. this will make you slaughter parties for fun, only in dreanor.
Corrupted Primal Obelisk AoE damage increase , only in dreanor
Skull of the Mad Chief good for catching runners, also good as an escape in combination with detterence.
Tuft of Yak Fur Feign death Insta fast mount, good for escape or catching runners.
Cursed Swabby Helmet Swim speed 200% for 15 minutes, In Pandaria run for the water!
Essence of the Breeze This item makes you jump forward in a strange way, good to escape people who constantly put slows on you, also if you hold space while in the water you jump very fast. So in Pandaria run for the water!
Other great things for in the water are
Aqua Jewel +50% speed in water for 10 minutes
Anglers Fishing Raft to get away from people in the water faster then a water walking mount! but dont get hit!
Red Wooden Sled when using this item you will fall to the ocean floor, one of the best escapes in the water! when exiting the sled you will pop up on the surface again.
Shard of Archstone when using this in the water, you will drop a statue on the floor of the ocean but you will become 100% invisible and also your name will be hidden... Perfect for escaping in the water!

Precious Bloodthorn Loop This item will make you leave combat, which can safe your life especially if you dont have other skills which make you lose combat! Use in combination with Aviana's feather or a Deepholm Potion for instant getaway.
Rocket Boots Xtreme increases your speed by 300% for 3 sec,, if you are not stunned or slowed this will get you far away enough from any danger! (enchant with Minor speed) for 10% + speed
Nitro Boosts is extremely good in world pvp since if it mailfunctioned it trows you high in the air from which you can glider even further away,, a great escape.

Potion and Food, Buffs:
Blackened Worg Steak a must for anyone without track humanoids.
Healing Tonic Always have healing potions ready.
Potion of Deepholm Together with a Out of combat this will make you disapear instantly.
Goblin Glider Kit Use Goblin gliders because you want to use flexweave underlay for when you dissengage on a hunter anyway!
Shadowberry Passively munch on this. Farm in bulk.
Glowing Honeycomb Emergency Health potions, Can be spammed.
Living Action Potion An extra insignia, Life saver.
Elixir of the Searching Eye This gives 15 Stealth Detection, Its as if you are 3 levels higher then other people in stealth detection, And it does stack with any flasks and elixers etc,, its bugged. Also it stacks with Track hidden,, which is 30 stealth detection.. in total making you detect stealth as if you where 9 levels higher... its just funny how far you can see stealth with this potion.( just shadowmeld and wait till rogue is close enough let pet atack only and wait till rog uses his CDs)
Drums of Forgotten Kings 4% stats
Runescroll of Fortitude III 8% stamina
Drums of Fury Heroism
Ornate Alliance Tent 10% all stats
And ofcourse dont forget all the garrison Gadgets you can get for world pvp!

Im not gonna cover Zone buffs etc, but if you use everything in WoW to optimize your power, you will be extremely strong!

Im sure i forgot a few things but this is the basic stuff every world pvper should have!!

I made this thread out of sadness since we probably wont have pvp specs in world PVP in the Broken Isles so i guess i will have to make a pve specc specced for pvp ^^

For the Alliance!! (if you are a horde you cant use this guide btw)

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