A quite complex guide that allows you to level your pets while not at home or at night. It uses the commonly known strategy for squirt and has handling for rare cases where there are more or less than usual crits. So it takes usually longer than necessary for a pet battle, because it may happen that the fight takes longer, so it presses more keys at the end of the fight as usually necessary. You can perform about 20 pet battle per hours with this method. You are faster if you do it manually (about 30 per hour).

I hope I remembered all requirements. Feel free to ask if something does not work.

  • A G15 keyboard or a similar keyboard where you can record keypresses
  • Squirt in the menagerie of any level (occurs every 15 days, today it is there in EU)
  • Two level 25 pets of rare quality: Enchanted Broom (S/S is the only existing breed) and Weebomination (H/H is the only existing breed)
  • A character with 110 % run speed (that is a normal 100 % run speed character without any passive speed talents but with a 10 % movement speed enchant on the back). If you have another speed, you may have to adjust the length of the movements in the XML file below.

  • Rematch to automatically choose the next pet to level
  • Battle Pet Binds to let you switch your pets, pass and forfeit the battles with keys

Set the key ° (that is shift with the key left of the 1 on a German keyboard) to "interact with target" (keyboard settings -> target functions)
Assign the following macros:
Shift+Z: /tar Lio die Löwin
(Lio the Lioness in English)
Shift+D: /tar Lio die Löwin
(Lio the Lioness in English)
Shift+M: /tar Spatz
(Squirt in English)
Shift+E: /script SelectGossipOption(1)
The duplicate from Shift+D and Shift+Z is because I originally had a sound on the key which I later did not want to have any longer. You can of course remove it.


Setup rematch so that when targeting Squirt automatically the following team is selected:
1: Enchanted Broom with abilities 2-2-2
2: Leveling pet
3: Weebomination with abilities 1-1-1
Fill the leveling list of rematch with the pets to level.
Use the default key assignments of Battle Pet Binds.
Setup your G15 keyboard:

Launch the Logitech Gaming-Software
Press the G button on the bottom of the window.
Select a random G key and select Edit and assign "Multiple keys". Record something (does not matter what). Give it a name on top of the window that you find again later.
Export the profile to an XML file (the center button on the top below "Profile").
Edit the XML file and replace the recently recorded part (search for the name you assigned to the G key in the text editor) with the following (leave the guid and the name in the first line alone):

If you need to use other key bindings, e. g. if ° is not working on your language, change the appropiate sections. ° is LSHIFT+TILDE in the XML file above.
Save the file and import the profile from the XML file again (the center button on the top below "Profile").

Make the new profile permanent and the default one (use the cogwheels right of the button where you imported the profile).


Equip your safari helm if you have one.
Target squirt and start the pet battle.
Press the G key on your keyboard to start the pet leveling process. Press the G key again if you want to stop leveling after the next pet.

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