Wednesday, May 18

Why Has Warcraft Not Been Turned Into a Slot Machine Game?

Since you’re here you surely know how great WoW really is, there’s no need to remind you of that. There have been more than 100 million people that played World of Warcraft, at least for a brief period of time. Ask any player and he’ll proudly tell you that it is the MMORPG with the highest number of subscriptions. In fact, it is so popular it is one of the few MMORPGs that managed to enter popular culture and be accepted. People who love the game enjoy anything about it. They buy and order custom made outfits to be made for them, they buy real life World of Warcraft inspired items and there was even a World of Warcraft themed wedding. And it’s not just WoW, the strategy title such as Warcraft III have also been very popular.

Geeky Stuff Become Mainstream
MMORPG and strategy games are considered to be quite geeky, but fortunately in the past few years, geeky became mainstream and even popular. People are no longer ashamed of their geekiness, in fact, most of them are proud of it. As a result we can see geekiness being represented in films, series and popular TV shows. Fashion shops sell more geeky outfits and more than few geeky casino games have been developed. These games achieved quite a high level of popularity both among people who played them primarily because of the theme as well as those who would try out any casino game. As a result more geeks became interested in casinos and online casino gaming. is great for people who have no previous experience with online casinos, as well as people who have already played casino games online.

Video Game Themed Slots
As it was mentioned above, several casino games that were based on a popular video game have already been released and became quite popular. Some notable examples include Call of Duty 4 and Tomb Raider: Lara Croft. Just like all other themed slots, video game themed slots include short videos, sounds as well as symbols that were featured in the game they’re based on. Creating an online slot game that would be authentic and would resemble the original video game isn’t easy and it requires a lot of effort from the developers. This is probably one of the reasons why such a highly popular game like World of Warcraft hasn’t been turned into a slot game yet.

No Warcraft Slot yet, but Who Knows
A slot game has only a limited number of symbols, it would be quite difficult to choose which Warcraft characters to include in the game. Furthermore, the graphics would have to be impeccable and the game would have to feature at least several bonus levels and modes. Plus, Warcraft fans can be very critical in regards to anything that is based on their favourite games and they will probably object if they think that the game doesn’t represent World of Warcraft adequately. All of the above is probably why Warcraft hasn’t been turned into a slot machine yet. Bear in mind the word ‘yet’ here, as nobody knows whether such a slot game will be created in the future or not. After all, there’s already a Warcraft film that’ll be released this year, why not a slot game?! 

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