Monday, June 20

Make money selling shirts when the Legion pre-patch releases

As you probably know, with the Legion pre-patch, the wardrobe system is going to be implemented. With the wardrobe, comes the "Fabulous" achievement which requires you to collect 25 appearances for every slot,including shirts.

Most people currently have only a few shirts, maybe 4 or 5, and they'll want to get the achievement as soon as possible, especially when they have a lot of gold from WoD that is not yet useful for Legion stuff (so, during the pre-patch), and we're going to profit that.

  1. Get a tailor character. Shirts only require WOTLK components, so I assume that the required level of tailoring is 425 (and maybe even less).
  2. Get the required plans for the shirts : All tradeable shirts crafted with tailoring.
  3. Gather the materials for the shirts, all of them are available on the AH for a cheap price (see note 2 for Frostweave cloth).
  4. Craft the shirts
Now, you can either sell them one by one, or you can advertise a "pack" that will instantly unlock the achievement, selling all the 25 shirts at once. I would personally go for the pack since some shirts are really cheap, and it's way faster to get money.

A few notes :
  1. Shirts are going to be BoE in Legion, so they won't be tradeable and you'll need to equip them to unlock the appearance.
  2. If Frostweave cloth is too expensive on the AH, you can farm it VERY quickly following this guide :Frostweave farming spot (Frost weave farming spots) (only use the first farming spot in the lower location and a realmhoping addon.
  3. Shirts are not stackable, so it's going to take a lot of space, and you should consider storring the materials instead of the crafted shirts.

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