Sunday, June 26

Quickest Sunwell Plateau run as a Warlock

have already posted a guide, similar to this one, to showcase how efficient the Warlock portals can be and in this particular guide I will show you how I farm Sunwell Plateau to obtain Patterns, Recipes and Jewels.

You start off by mounting up and walking towards the next outdoor-room, where you will find one very large mob and two packs of bloodelfs - you will aggro them and all of the upcoming mobs in the very next room, walking towards the next entrance.
Once you're there, you should find more very large mobs and even more bloodelfs. I usually do not pull the large mobs on the very right side, because there's only like two of them - I much rather pull the group closest to the entrance and then those closer to the stairs, at the end of the room.
Once you've entered the outdoor-room, you'll find a plateau on the left side, that's where you want to place the portal.

Now you simply walk up the stairs and stand still in one corner, so mobs group up on you and you can one-shot all of them with Cataclysm. 

Loot, mount up again and walk along the "wall" or w/e it is. 

Group up everything until you're standing on the very top of the plateau where your portal waits underneath. 

And again, line of sight the mobs, one-shot them with Cataclysm, loot and port down.

For those who prefer a video guide;

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