Sunday, June 26

[Transmog/Twink Gear] Quickest SFK runs as a Warlock

Before we get into it, I'd appreciate any constructive criticism, allowing me to improve upon writing, editing, talking points and presentation.

I have quite recently farmed SFK for some(really poor) transmog and some sweet BoE items(which usually go for a sweet sum of gold) - e.g. Gloomshroud Armor - Item - World of Warcraft, which I currently have two of.

The basic idea is to make use of your portals, which you will place at the very end of the bridge, before entering the other tower(after killing Commander Springvale and before encountering Lord Walden).
You then wander into the tower, pull everything together, walk up the stairs, go through the upper room with the hay and most likely a chest inside, down the stairs and group the rest of your baggage(mobs) there. Kill, loot and now you do not wan to go down but towards the other stairs, almost entering the third and last tower, there you will notice that you can use your portal to teleport onto the bridge, from there on you will jump onto the ceiling and down to the entrance. This should take about 2.5-4 minutes per run.

I also have made a video on it, in case my writing (which it probably is) isn't put well enough.


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