Wednesday, June 15

RAoV - Heroic Leap Exploit 6.2.4

RAoV bringing another exploit for current build on World of Warcraft 6.2.4. This exploit is altering out going packets to exploit an oversight on Blizzard's part, allowing the player to gain a big advantage with the heroic leap spell for warriors. With our modifications, you can now bypass the GCD, increase the range to double, kite mobs while attacking multiple targets, reveal stealth enemies and much more.

  1. Find your WoW directory, delete wow64.exe, run wow.exe as administrator.
  2. Run WPE as administrator, target wow.exe.
  3. Load the filter hack, type in password: RAOVBREAKSGAME
  4. Check on the filter, click "on" button
  5. Enjoy your new modified Heroic Leap


* RAoV Filter
* Level 85 Warrior

WPE Downlaod here

Filter Download here

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