Monday, June 13

Fast Mining Leveling method

I was leveling mining yesterday when i found out a real fast way using CRZ (realm hopping), there is cave in the spot shown at the red circle, it works for both horde and alliance i guess.

This cave is really small and it has 4 spawning nods that u can farm really fast then realm hop, specially on peak times where there are many groups to join, you can get mining from 1-700 in around 2 hours of farming or maybe less, or level from 1-300 through smelting ores since it gets really annoying after that then use this method up to 700, and make sure you pick this item from spires of Arak if you dont have it >> Peon's Mining Pick - Item - World of Warcraft
it makes things 50% faster

people could find similar spots around maps but this is the best i found since mobs can be 1 shot, hope you will find this useful

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